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I'm Panakotta00 and I develop software.

Mainly in the area of game modification and game development but also other stuff.

While doing so, I also live stream much of it on Twitch and I also create YouTube videos about it.
There I constantly stream working on FicsIt-Networks, showing how to make your own custom programming language with LLVM or as I try to make proper web login with tons of features.

I also enjoy Anime/Manga/LightNovels and I'm currently learning how to draw (properly) and it's quite fun.

I'm also interested in nearly everything that has to with Science and Technology (like Maths, IT, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, ...) and can talk hours about it xD

Currently I'm developing FicsIt-Networks which is a modification for Satisfactory which adds computers, computer networks and other components to the game so you can control, monitor, manage and automate each process of your factory by providing programmable computers and a computer network.

I'm also a trained paramedic and active as volunteer.