This is a Satisfactory mod that allows you to control, monitor, manage and automate each step of you factory by providing programmable computers and a computer network.


This Satisfactory Mod allows you to create beautiful camera animation in-game. It is mainly targeted towards content creators who want to create nice scenic shots of there factories and more.

FicsIt-Networks Tutorials

In this YouTube series we have a look on how FicsIt-Networks and how you can use it to greatly improve the efficiency of your factory and more!

FicsIt-Networks Lua Tutorials

In this YouTube series we try to understand how you can code in Lua within the FicsIt-Networks mod for Satisfactory. This series mainly focuses on coding in Lua it self and less about how you can do things with FicsIt-Networks. Generally this is a great series to get started with programming itself.

Custom programing language with LLVM

In this YouTube series we have a look on how to create our own custom programming language with LLVM. We will talk about installation of the LLVM project, building it, how to use its features and even how compilers and so also how programming languages work. We will create a fully functional, to binary code compilable programming language in the end.

Custom Login System

In this YouTube series we try to create a full-fledged login-system for a generic web-site. But with everything imaginable.